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“The whole purpose of education is to turn mirrors into windows”

Sydney J. Harris



Our educational program is grounded in the British curriculum, providing students with a comprehensive and balanced foundation. This approach emphasizes critical thinking, creativity, and the development of essential skills for success in a global context.

About Us

We are British School Overseas, proudly accredited by Penta International in the year 2021. This recognition underscores our commitment to delivering an education that not only meets but exceeds the standards of excellence associated with the British educational system. Our accreditation is a testament to our dedication to providing a high-quality, comprehensive learning environment that prepares our students for success on a global scale. Through this esteemed accreditation, we affirm our place among the leading international schools, dedicated to nurturing future leaders and innovators within the framework of the respected British curriculum.

Our Kindergarten. Our School. Our Community

and Our Kindergarten: In our kindergarten, we cultivate a world of discovery and joy, laying the foundation for lifelong learning. Our young learners are nurtured in a caring, interactive environment, where curiosity leads to endless opportunities for growth and exploration.

Our School: Our school is a model of educational excellence, dedicated to nurturing comprehensive development in students to equip them for future challenges. We provide a diverse array of academic and creative programs aimed at enhancing intellectual and personal development.

Our Community: At the heart of our ethos is a vibrant, inclusive community where students, parents, and educators come together to support one another. Our collective aim is to create a nurturing environment that celebrates diversity and encourages mutual respect, making our school a place where everyone can thrive.


What Our Families are Saying

We hate public schools and the stiffness of public education. We put as parents a lot of focus on our Stefan, almost 8 years old, we wanted a “special” school for him, where creativity and efficient learning are the basic roots, also a school to correctly estimate his potential. Well, Andra and the teachers from Research gave us trust that this will happen. And it happened. We have a happy child who goes to school and comes back home happily. Our son learns there about the world and the heart, about being kind and curious.

Semnat: Mihaela si Liviu Alexa

There isn’t enough space to express my gratitudine and contentment about my son being part of this amazing school! We’ve been together almost 6 years now and year by year, you keep surprising us, starting from new and out of the box teaching methods and playfulness and genuine curiosity, to promoting timeless (but still up to date to the world we live in) values and principles into our children, to holding the safe space for them to be their true selves and feel respected and accepted. You trully celebrate our children’s uniqueness and as a parent, I feel it all starts here regarding the “school” experience. I also love the communication we have, our concerns have always been heard and dealt with in the best way, always felt we matter. I am grateful for you, Andra and Cristina for being who you are, I would choose you all over again. This institution has the print of your passion and genious all over it. I wish I had a school like this when I was a child.

Laura Mihat

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